musings of a fledgling prophet
we'll all make it home
in all things to the living end
customer culture is inherently isolating
quiet your heart with love
oh to be a cold sore in the mouth of the almighty God!
true evil is Boredom & Mediocrity
am I the butterfly?
new world thinking vs old world regimes
in a street full of houses I only see trees
resist culture vultures
linger longer, we'll spoil their fun
honey you'll set outrageous intentions
if you can't convince them, entertain them
your love for humanity has to grow bigger than your attachment to comfort
the Haus is within you
cultivate grime & offense
cast your eyes upon the impossible
female mystic empowerment now
self-unconsciousness is a sin
alienate reality
Darling, come home
don't make me wanna die
that drooling bleeding slobbering mess of a face...